Rabbit & Ribbit Collection 2018

Meet the two youngest fans of my work and the co-designers for this collection.  With their help I designed an easy to wear bracelet for the kids and the young at heart. My co-designers chose two animals each and the colours of the animals and then sent me off to my studio to get making!  The animals for this first Rabbit and Ribbit Collection are: frog, rabbit, butterfly and hippopotamus.  Ten bracelets have been made for each animal chosen.  Each bracelet consists of a hand made glass focal bead, that has been kiln annealed, on an adjustable soft cotton silk cord.  Each bead was approved by my co-designers before being allowed to be made into bracelets. Oh and I was going to name each animal but I got told that my names were lame by my co-designers, hence the numbers (the joys of being a parent!).



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