This statement necklace is definitely the queen of the collection. Inspired by aerial photographs of the wonderful corner of the world in which I live. From the varying depths of the lake and ocean to the lagoons and coastal vegetation I have sort to capture the colours of the Lake Macquarie coastal area. It is a great place to just be.


Complimenting the multitude of hand made glass beads is a wooden focal that I have created from drift wood in keeping with the theme of this collection. A versatile necklace design that may be worn as either a single strand or double strand necklace. Handmade sterling silver hooks complete this attention grabbing piece.


Coast is a limited edition collection with only one statement necklace created.



Total length - 115cm

Driftwood focal - 6 x 3.5cm

Glass bead width 0.8-1cm

Coast Collection Statement Necklace No. 1 of 1

SKU: BN010